"Its never too late to be what you might of been"
Hello darling I'm Claire and this is my fitblr/body love blog :) I started eating clean about a year ago and haven't gone back since! I love cooking, cardio, weights, puppies, sweet potatoes, and almond butter<3 I am still trying to recover from an unhealthy relationship from food and a negative body image mindset. Please feel free to leave positive words or questions in my ask box :) I love you!



I just got a wrong number text from a stranger that said: “hey can we use ur pool there’s a moose in ours”


I’ve never received such a funny text in my life I can’t breathe

I told them “yes if you send a pic” & they sent me tHIS


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christmas list:

  • no more anxiety 
  • $$$$$$
  • clear skin

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i wanna watch a scary movie with you and we get so scared we accidently end up having sex somehow

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Anonymous said: i got my ass ate in the men's room @ olive garden thnx for this opportunity



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do you guys ever cry cause chris and carly broke up