"Its never too late to be what you might of been"
Hello darling I'm Claire and this is my fitblr/body love blog :) I started eating clean about a year ago and haven't gone back since! I love cooking, cardio, weights, puppies, sweet potatoes, and almond butter<3 I am still trying to recover from an unhealthy relationship from food and a negative body image mindset. Please feel free to leave positive words or questions in my ask box :) I love you!

about 8 months of eating as healthy as i can (with one cheat meal or treat a week) and regular exercise (usually 20-30 cardio, 15-25 strength 4 times a week) - From 164lbs to 134lbs!
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(note to self)

  • wear soft clothes
  • swim in the rain
  • embroider, draw, and knit to keep your hands busy
  • go outside
  • look at the moon
  • be nice to yourself
  • have a light heart
  • everything will be ok

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I’m pro carbs and anti pants

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Bulking has given me lots of extra fat around my midsection, and I’m loving it. I can actually grab my tattoos if I want to. But seriously: don’t fear the jiggle, don’t hate your body. It’s perfect. You’re perfect. And none of this “real women have curves” crap, because women are women whether they are thinner or heavier, whether they have big breasts or none, whether they have a vagina or not, whether they prefer cardio or lifting weights.
Love yourself. And don’t let simple things like putting on some weight bring you down. If your clothes don’t fit, get bigger clothes. If you’re hungry, eat.

You are seriously so wonderful and inspiring. Also, you are so so wise. I just love it.
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3.5 months progress.

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Grilled Cheese with Caramelized Shallots
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I need someone who’s okay with laying in bed all day but also up for spontaneous adventures.

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